Friday, November 21, 2008

Flag Still Flies

Just an extra image thrown in here for fun. This is one of my favorite post-Katrina images. I just noticed it wasn't on my blog and I thought I'd add it!

LOTS of blog action coming soon! Just got back from a marathon weekend of shooting on the coast with 8 photo sessions, and over 8 THOUSAND images taken! We have babies, toddlers, seniors, parents, grandparents and people getting married! Check back soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun at 7 Months!

Today I had a session with Sutton and he was FULL of smiles and cuteness!
We played with ducks.

We dressed up like a monkey.

We became scary sharks!

Then Sutton was Santa for a day!

I think the cookies and milk finally wore him out ;).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where's the Baby?

Baby Hannah is little bitty! But there was a Baby Wrangler just outside the frame of this first image, and this is not actually where the baby sleeps.
In a bed of roses...or, at least, various pretty pink flowers!

Eyes open! Baby Hannah had a VERY late night (according to the parents) and so she needed lots of sleep today, but it was almost time for some yummy milk so she opened those pretty blue eyes!
Last week it was Santa, this week it's the tiniest little Miss Claus!

Daddy's hands.

BIG stretch!

Thank you, Baby Hannah (& family) for letting me spend the afternoon with you all! e

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Santa's Coming!

This was the little cutie I got to play with (i.e. photograph) this morning! He's definitely the cutest little Santa I've seen this year, maybe ever!
More images from this session to come in a day or two, but I just had to put this one up RIGHT NOW! e

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sugar & Spice

I got to spend Saturday morning with the adorable Kelsee! She was in a happy mood and didn't even mind wardrobe changes for her photo session!
Waiting for directions or just checking me out? I'd love to know what was going on behind those big serious eyes!
Big smiles!

I had so much fun! I can't wait to watch as she grows over this next year!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Morning at the Junk Yard

This summer we went to the junk yard one morning. Sad to say, but I had not had a chance to look at the images from that morning until this month, but it was fun to look back and see what I had found that day! It's a great way to work on your creativity!

Wormsloe Oaks

On our way to Ossabaw Island last weekend, Ron and I stopped at Wormsloe to photograph their famous oak lined entrance way. We only had about an hour to shoot, so we made the most of it. I think both of us only shot infrared since it was right in the middle of the day, but I love the dramatic way the trees are shown in the high contrast black and white!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Waiting for Hannah

We are all waiting for Hannah to decide she's ready to arrive!

Rebecca informed us all she was ready earlier this month.
Lambie is ready.

Sophie is ready to be let into the nursery.
All of the mice in the mouse house are ready, even the wonky hot pink mouse that Sophie accidentally got hold of once (whoops!).