Sunday, May 25, 2008

All Because Two People Fell in Love

Let me say first that I have gone overboard with images! Not only in this post, but in the number of images we took at this wedding! I was surprised at the final count!
Because I want COMMENTS! If anyone guesses (within 100 images) of the final number of images taken, I'll send the first person to do it a prize! Doesn't count if you e-mail me your guess. You have to leave me a comment! Guesses end at the end of May, 2008.

The flower girl! Isn't she beautiful! We could have spent the day photographing her!

Andrew & Nathan. Andrew has the most AMAZING eyes! They are a STARTLING BLUE! First time I saw them I literally did a double-take.

I loved the boutonnieres!

After the ceremony, Carolann told me she wanted ART and that she wasn't interested in the traditional formals. We sent everyone else off to the reception and created some moments that Carolann & Doug can remember forever. When we were walking toward the cars to leave for the reception, Carolann said, "This is the most fun I've had all weekend!" I'm so glad that we had that time to play and create and for the two of you to spend together as newly weds!

The reception was held at the Cabana Club on Pensacola Beach. Kay Lee, the wedding coordinator for the Cabana Club, did a wonderful job. Everything looked amazing, from the cake decorated with starfish and shells, to the table decor with goldfish swimming beneath irises, it was beautiful.

Dancing with Dad.

The Cabana Club is on the third floor overlooking a marina, so the sunset lit the sky with gorgeous colors.

I love this image! Doesn't Carolann look like a model?

The rest of the images in this post were taken the day after.
First we went to the beach.

Then we played tennis! Carolann & Doug met on the tennis courts and that is where their initial friendship began, so it was only fitting to incorporate that into our day after imagery!

Congratuations Carolann & Doug!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where in the World?

For those who have been keeping up with my travel schedule lately, this past weekend I was back in Florida. Tune in tomorrow for images from the weekend! Here are a few images to show the part of Florida where I spent the last few days...
I LOVE these chairs! I love the colors and I love how comfortable they are and that the arms give you the perfect place to put a drink as you relax!

Moon over Portofino. These are beautiful condos that we had the opportunity to use as backdrops!
Check back tomorrow to see why we were in Pensacola! e

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Orphan Work Acts will Orphan Your Images

I have had several people ask me about the Orphan Work Act of 2008. There is information at and I have included below an article by Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner that explains how no work is safe, even if it has been registered. This is scary! I have added a link to where to go to let your Senator and Congress Representatives know that you oppose this Act in the right column of my blog. It only takes two minutes to add your name to the list of people opposed to this act. There are form letters for artists as well as non-artists so it is easy and it is so important to the livelihood of all artists.

How Registries Will Orphan Your Workby Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner

April 2, 2008 How Registries Will Orphan Your WorkWhen the Copyright Office spawned the Orphan Works bill (2006), they said it would not cause problems for artists. They were wrong. Now they concede the problems, but say registries are the solution. Wrong again.
PicScout is one of the technologies being developed for locating visual art. On March 13, they touted their capabilities to the House IP subcommittee:“Our technology can match images, or partial information of an image – such as a single face of one person in a crowd, with 99% success... Over the years, we have established relationships with our partners and now track the use of millions of digital files stored in our huge centralized database.”
PicScout is just one of several firms that hope to benefit from the Orphan Works bill. They envision a future registry in which registered pictures will not be available for review or browsing. Instead a searcher would feed in a desired image and if there’s a match, get back only the artist’s name and contact information – or be told there is “no match.”
So far, so good – for all the pictures in the registry. But “no match” – there’s the rub.You Can’t Find What’s Not in the Registry: Let’s say you haven’t registered a particular image in the system. In that case, the best technology in the world won’t find it there. So unless every picture you’ve ever done is registered, the searcher’s failure to find a match would actually orphan a non-orphaned image.
But let’s say you comply with this coercive bill. You register tens of thousands of your works with one or more commercial registries. Are these works now safe from infringement? No! They can still be orphaned.
Here’s how:PicScout’s claim of “99% success” concedes a margin of error of at least 1%. Sounds small, doesn’t it? But consider:
– Google has already said they intend to use millions of orphaned works. Other businesses will use millions more.
– One percent of every million searches means 10,000 registered images “accidentally” orphaned.
– Multiply 10,000 accidental orphans by millions of millions of searches and you have an astronomical number.
– These are images that will be orphaned even though the artists spent the time and money to register them.
– Will these artists be able to sue for infringement?– Yes, but at their own risk, because– The users’ use of registries will prove they did a “reasonably diligent search.”
And there’s another problem:– It’s statistically impossible for each million searches to orphan the same 10,000 images. Therefore:
– Every image you register will be permanently vulnerable to an infinite number of orphan opportunities; also:
– An image may turn up as a “match” on one registry
– while being orphaned on another.There are many reasons why international law forbids coerced registration as a condition of protecting your copyrights.We’ve just given you some.We believe the technology being developed by PicScout and others is fantastic. But it should be used to help artists protect their rights; not to facilitate cultural theft on an unprecedented scale.
Please help us spread the word about this bad bill. Post or forward this email in its entirety to any interested party.— Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner, for the Board of the Illustrators’ Partnership
This article is copyright © 2003 Illustrators’ Partnership of America.845 Moraine Street, Marshfield, MA 02050781-837-9152All rights reserved.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Barefoot on the Beach

Congratulations Christine & Don! I just got back to town from photographing Christine & Don's wedding, barefoot on the beach, in Fort Lauderdale. Beautiful weather, not too hot or too cold, just a wonderful weekend for a beach wedding.

It was hard to hear the vows because this past weekend Fort Lauderdale also hosted the cigarette boat races just off of the beach. The boats were flying by in the background and helicopters were circling overhead throughout the ceremony! Made all of us think of the papparazzi! There is probably video from the the media coverage for the boat races of the wedding as well! If anyone sees video of the wedding, let me know!

The wedding party.

After the ceremony, friends of the bride and groom spent the afternoon around the pool at the Courtyard Marriott, and continued the party at the Elbo Room across from the beach.