Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heather & Joey

Heather & Joey were married on the first cold day of the year and even the cold weather could not keep the two of them from having the best day ever. They were married in Ocean Springs at First Presbyterian Church. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and the oak trees that framed the church were magnificent.
I loved the way the light came in through the window to make her rings sparkle!
The men looked very stylish with fall season accessories. I LOVE the calla lily!
The girls helped Heather get dressed.
I had not met this ring bearer before this wedding, but he was so cute!
Kanin (below) has been in several weddings that I have photographed, so I've been photographing him as he grows up. And by growing up, I mean he's getting tall! He's so photogenic, I could follow him around and shoot him any time.
The beautiful bride.

The adorable flower girl!
And now it is time for the ceremony to begin!
Time for the ring exchange!
Lighting of the unity candle.
This is what it's all about. Right after the ceremony and I don't think they could look any happier.
A quiet moment before leaving for the reception.
Just one more kiss!
Heather & Joey held their reception at The Dock Bar & Grill on Gulfport Lake. It was an amazing location with space for dancing outside (complete with heaters so no one would get too cold!) and the cakes and food inside (complete with football on the tv's so none of they guys felt like they were missing the game!).
The first dance. The DJ was Jim Horn of Jim Horn Entertainment. Jim and I have worked together on several weddings on the coast, so it was great to have him working the event with me again!
The cake, set in the corner with windows on each side so it was beautiful from inside and seemed to glow like a jewel from the outside.
The groom's cake. I had to get a good shot of this cake. Look at the detail!
Joey's arms are much longer than Heather's...doesn't seem quite fair with that wicked gleam in his eyes!
Dancing with Dad.
This was just too funny. These are the "back-up" bridesmaids. Just in case Heather needed any fill-ins last minute! They were ready!
Mr. Smooth. I just loved this image. He looked so laid back, cool and, as I said, pretty much the definition of smooth...
Heather & Joey, dancing the night away.
Congratulations again, you two! Many blessings on you for the New Year! em

Miss Maisie, Miss Maisie

Maisie was 4 months old for our first session and she had some beautiful smiles!
Here she is dancing. I can't remember if Mom or big sister got her smiling and moving there, but she was having a good time!
Time for a nap.
Bright eyed and interested!
The guard dog. He can be sweet and friendly, but DON'T mess with anyone in his family or he gets fiesty. And by mess with, I mean, move too suddenly toward Maisie or Mom. He keeps an eye on what's going on in his kingdom! He may look little, but it's only a ruse.
Can't wait for our next session! em

Part of the Family

Meet James. I think James should probably count as part of my family. I've known his mother since she was born and have been in and out of her home, and her parents' homes, all of my life. James was 5 months old here and look at those gorgeous eyes!

He's such a sweetie! Congratulations on such a wonderful addition to the family Martha & Junior! e

8 Months & On the Move

Gabe took a few minutes to warm up to the new situation...lights, cameras, new people...but in no time at all, Gabe was smiling and ready to crawl!
New Christmas pj's!
We corraled him in a big bowl and blew bubbles at him! He wasn't sure what to think of the bubbles at first. He definitely liked them, but wasn't sure what to do with them. So he decided he'd try to eat them! He couldn't ever figure out how to eat them before they popped! It was a great game.

On the move again!
I hope you had as much fun as we did capturing these images! em

Dylan & Jaelyn

I've been a bad blogger lately. The holiday season has kept me so busy with processing, Christmas cards and last minute orders that I haven't had time to think about anything! But I'm going to catch up on some blogging today! First up, Ron and I had the pleasure of meeting Dylan and his 5 day old sister, Jaelyn!

Dylan has the most amazing, BIG BLUE eyes and he is crazy about his new little sister!

Mom and Dad with the new baby.

Dad spent some time bonding with Jaelyn. Look at those tiny fingers!

Smiling at mom. :)
Jaelyn was born with a head full of dark hair and was very bright eyed and interested in everything that was going on while I was taking her photograph. She didn't want to miss anything!

Something was good in the newspaper, according to Dylan's expression.
Isn't he the cutest?
We had a great day of photography, with a wonderful meal thrown in as a special bonus! Looking forward to seeing more of these two little ones as they grow up! em