Sunday, November 25, 2007

2008 McRaney Calendar Now Available

Last year was my first calendar, and while it was one of the top selling calendars on, I wanted this year's calendar to be bigger, brighter, more artistic, better quality and more beautiful. I think that I have achieved that goal. I'm really excited about my 2008 calendar! It is called My Mississippi fine art photography by Ellen McRaney.

Almost all of the images were taken in Mississippi, and the very few that were not were included for specific reasons that fit with my idea of what Mississippi means to me.

So everyone go check out my calendar and give me a 5-star rating so I can top the charts again! Just click on this link: .

Calendars can be ordered either directly through or directly from me.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Boone Hall Oaks

Earlier this month, I was at the Peter Anderson Arts Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I have had an image on display that I call "Oak Alley at Boone Hall." This image is an infrared image and is the first image in this post. A lady at Peter Anderson asked me if I had the image in color. I told her I would have to look, that I took this original image as an infrared, but that I had also shot color images at the same location with a different camera the same day, I've just never had a chance to look at them. So here are the color versions that I am FINALLY getting around to processing! My mom will be so happy. So does anyone have a favorite? Comments are welcome! em

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Biloxi Bay Bridge Opening!

This first image with the fireworks is called "Celebrations" and when I sign, I date it with the date of when the image was taken, 11-1-07.

The second image is called "Biloxi Bridge 2007 at Dusk," not very original, but I wanted people to be able to see it! If anyone has a better idea for a name, let me know! I may change it!

The third image is "Biloxi Bridge Fireworks Red 11-1-07" while the fourth image is "Biloxi Bridge Fireworks Blue 11-1-07."

The fifth image is the only one that was not taken on 11-1-07. It is a montage of images that includes an image of the old bridge as it was, taken in 2001, (with cars on it and everything!) an image of the bridge after Katrina from the same angle with the draw bridge up as it was for so long, and several images that are close-up that show what Katrina did to our bridge. This fifth image is the "Bridge Montage."

The sixth image is "Mike Sekul," the name of the schooner.

The seventh image is "Schooners Crossing," which actually has both of the Biloxi schooners, the Mike Sekul and the Glenn L. Swetman, one on each side, going under the bridge on the day it was opened for traffic.

Growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I cannot tell you how exciting it is that the brand new Biloxi Bay Bridge has two lanes open!!! After Katrina, the old bridge was completely destroyed. Now, two years later, there is finally access across the bay to Point Cadet/Biloxi. To celebrate this, November 1, 2007, the day two lanes of the bridge opened to traffic, there were all kinds of celebrations. There were speeches by Govener Haley Barbour and by the mayors of both Ocean Springs and Biloxi, there was a festival on the Ocean Springs side of the bridge that went into the night with live music and fireworks. There was a parade of motorcycles and vintage cars that went over the bridge first once the ceremonial ribbon tying was finished. There were commemorative medals, books, coloring books and "snap-on" bracelettes. In short, it was a really, really big deal. I was so excited to be at home for the opening and be able to capture the festivities in my images. Here are some of the many images that I took that day. I hope you enjoy them!

The eighth image is called "Schooners Kissing."
The ninth image I've not named yet, (feel free to give me some suggestions!), but has both schooners with the Ocean Springs front beach in the background.
The tenth image, shows the bridge at it's current state, just before it was opened for the motorcycle and vintage car crossing.
The eleventh image shows a section of the bridge with the motorcycles crossing for the first time.