Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Maria & Stewart Wedding!

So many images! I just couldn't decide. This weekend I had the privledge of photographing Maria & Stewart's wedding. I don't think they could possibly have been happier or more in love. They were both glowing!

Getting Ready.


The first time the saw each other dressed up for the wedding...

First Kiss.

Exchanging Rings

Newly Wed!

The Reception Details...
The Cake
The Toasts


Escape! Under a shower of birdseed, some of it still wrapped up in it's tulle packaging to make it more of a missile than a shower!

And the cattle grazing on the hood of their car the next morning (actually all through the night.) My favorite part of the car decorations (not seen in this photo) was one of the cows had been "tipped."

Congratulations Maria & Stewart!

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