Sunday, May 25, 2008

All Because Two People Fell in Love

Let me say first that I have gone overboard with images! Not only in this post, but in the number of images we took at this wedding! I was surprised at the final count!
Because I want COMMENTS! If anyone guesses (within 100 images) of the final number of images taken, I'll send the first person to do it a prize! Doesn't count if you e-mail me your guess. You have to leave me a comment! Guesses end at the end of May, 2008.

The flower girl! Isn't she beautiful! We could have spent the day photographing her!

Andrew & Nathan. Andrew has the most AMAZING eyes! They are a STARTLING BLUE! First time I saw them I literally did a double-take.

I loved the boutonnieres!

After the ceremony, Carolann told me she wanted ART and that she wasn't interested in the traditional formals. We sent everyone else off to the reception and created some moments that Carolann & Doug can remember forever. When we were walking toward the cars to leave for the reception, Carolann said, "This is the most fun I've had all weekend!" I'm so glad that we had that time to play and create and for the two of you to spend together as newly weds!

The reception was held at the Cabana Club on Pensacola Beach. Kay Lee, the wedding coordinator for the Cabana Club, did a wonderful job. Everything looked amazing, from the cake decorated with starfish and shells, to the table decor with goldfish swimming beneath irises, it was beautiful.

Dancing with Dad.

The Cabana Club is on the third floor overlooking a marina, so the sunset lit the sky with gorgeous colors.

I love this image! Doesn't Carolann look like a model?

The rest of the images in this post were taken the day after.
First we went to the beach.

Then we played tennis! Carolann & Doug met on the tennis courts and that is where their initial friendship began, so it was only fitting to incorporate that into our day after imagery!

Congratuations Carolann & Doug!


shakhan said...

Love the pictures. The starfish and ring and the tennis racquet are two of my favorites. I'll say you took 1760 pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to make this the best day of my life! You will always be very special to me. One of my favorite sayings, that Doug and I share is this....Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
You have captured memories that take my breath away.
You are truly an artist and my friend.

Carolann Leasure...the bride!

sbowman said...

the pics are beautiful.. I love the ones of carolann and doug at the church.. they are truly artwork.. I would say the final count was about 750. I hope to set up an appt with you soon to get our family pics done. thanks
suzy bowman

sbowman said...

the pics are wonderful.. I would say the final count was near 750.
suzy bowman

Ellen McRaney said...

I had several people TELL me that their guess was 3 or 4 thousand, but none of those people put those guesses in a comment! They still would have been off by several thousand, but closer than the guesses we did get! Our final count on number of images taken was NINE THOUSAND Seventy Nine!
I'm pretty sure it's the most we've ever taken at a single wedding.