Wednesday, August 6, 2008

La Maison Gautier

This weekend was Kaycee & Robbie's wedding in Gautier, Mississippi! Kaycee was a beautiful bride and we had so much fun hanging out all day!
The ceremony and reception were both held at La Maison Gautier, "The Old Place," which is set on the Singing River. It is gorgeous! With amazing centuries old oak trees surrounding the plantation style house that was built in 1867.

The ties on the curtains were the exact same shade of color as Kaycee's dress! What are the chances?

The home has unbelieveably beautiful galleries/porches along two full sides of the house overlooking the river. The light on the galleries was so soft and nice!

I had to make sure there were no ants before I let Kaycee sit in any of the grassy areas! I get so caught up in what I am doing while I am shooting that I do not realize that I am sitting or standing IN an ant bed until the ants start biting me! NOT a good thing. I'm much more careful with my brides than I am with my own wellbeing!

So these are just a sampling of what is to come from this event! There are so many great shots from the reception that I have not even begun to sort through!
All of the rest of the images will be available for online viewing soon!
Hope you enjoy these and I would love to hear any comments!
Congratulations Kaycee & Robbie! Hope you are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon! e


Kaycee said...

Ron & Ellen,

Yall did a WONDERFUL job!! Robbie and I are still in Antigua, but e had a chance to get online and view the first few shots that you posted! THEY ARE GREAT!! We are so happy with them and can't wait to see the other 3999!! haha! We are having a great time on our honeymoon.....we will be headed home tomorrow (Friday)....THANK YOU! Love, Kaycee and Robbie

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Cannot wait to see the rest!
Thank You,
Billie Self (Mother of the Bride)

Kathy Graham Melson said...

All of the pictures are wonderful!
I'm so sorry that I could not come home for the wedding, but this is the "next best thing". Congratulations Kaycee and Robbie!
BJ, I know you and Jimmy are so proud...
Love to all,