Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hannah - 6mo

Hannah had the most adorable Easter coat. When her mom was walking down the stairs with her, the coat has little rabbit ears and it is fuzzy and soft and it looked like her mom was carrying a stuffed animal down the stairs instead of a little girl! Hannah's 1st Easter! The family portrait~
Hannah had a GIANT Easter bunny that was bigger than she was and had long floppy ears.
Kicking is a favorite past time. At 6mo, Hannah likes to STRETCH out and kick her little skinny legs and laugh! Sitting isn't as much fun because she likes to be standing! I think she is going to go from rolling over to standing up, skipping sitting on her own altogether!

Books are fun...especially the ones that are full of textures and have a great tag on the back to chew on! I think she gets that from her mother. Her mom always liked tags. :)
Here, Hannah is reading with one of the Grandmas!
Hannah may be growing, but it's a slow process! She's still teeny-tiny. If I did not KNOW when she was born, I would think she was younger than she is. She's little, but long!
I love you Hannah banana! aunt em

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